Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You poem

Thinking abt you
I feel so new
The words i want
For you to be new...

You show me new face
Everyday new place
New is your voice
In the same unchanged space

You are the saviour
Making hundreds to smile
Yet please do a favour
Save yours unique style

And i promise you
I will continue being around
As a friend of your own
Or a guest unknown..

What more should  i write
I am swinging off the track
Just as i swing along
My moods like a jack

Enough of good words
Its time for d bads
You please stop hurting
By the nos and d sads..

And stop owning people
Who do not deserve d deed
Else people will assume u
When you are in a need
I dunno what m writing
Whether right or not
I like and care for you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Ive seen all the time
People of different kind
Emotions all sublime
Yet souls true to their mind

A mind who searches
Beauty amongst the witches
A blind who preaches
Virtues that his eye watches

A body so much crooked
As if born to be wicked
And yet yeilding within
A heart that makes me delighted