Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Post to Mr. Amir Khan... My views on Three Idiots.

Hey Amir, 3 Idiots will certainly be blockbuster.. not because just u / kareena / Vidu vinod chopra banner etc.. I think the movie itself has been quite about an example of a perfect entertainer.. a masterpiece of a true showman !! For me the best part of the movie was the performance by you all... You, Boman, Maddy, Sharman.. all of them were always the virus, rancho, farhan n raju.. for all time.. without letting out ur stardom peep into the muvi.. well Some minor things.. which i felt were probably.. 'Chand ka daag' for 3 Idiots..
1. Prof. Viru's character reminded of Dr. Asthaana of munnabhai.. in almost all the moments where boan had a serious act.
2. Kareena I thought was confused.. whether to be a glam doll or a delhi ki kudi.. in the end.. was just good enough as filler.. sorry for that .. but I think she's much better actress.. I mean the Omkara n Jab We Met girl really have been totally lost in 3 Idiots
3. The pre-climax scene where a baby is given birth in hostel premises.. that was a bit too stretched n for a moment I felt like i was loosing the interest from movie for a while ..

But then, if that was the minus.. there where too many.. I mean too many pluses in the flick.. needless to say the perfect trio of Rancho, Raju n Farhan was thee best part .. not to forget the characterization of Chatur / Lobo n not to forget 'millimeter'.
From the director's point of view, I thought some ideas really made the movie look crispy..
The blackn white life of Raju Rastogi.. The Still life bewhind Rancho n Piya... in the song "zobie zobie".. The demo scenes.. Not to forget the hospital scenes where Rancho speaks to raju.. who views everything as a slow motion.. best part .. imagining his dadon scooty in half pants... awsome man.. this movie is certainly 1 step ahead of the magic created by munnabhai.. Thanks V.V.Chopra for this !!
To su up... if Chetan Bhagat's 5 Point Someone was what one can imagine n write.. 3 Idiots bataata hai.. ke 'Jaisa filmo me hota hai.. ho raha hai hoo ba hoo"

Thanks Amir n gang for making my Birthday n Xmas Special.. Yes I was one of those lucky to chat wid u on my b'day.. 20 Dec..( the best start to my b'days so far0 n then watch the movie.. first movie that i've watched on first day.. without waiting fr any reviews..

Waiting for your response on my views... from 1 Idiot to 3 others..
Abhijeet Kulkarni

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