Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictosition at Capgemini... Bagged 2nd prize

This was the picture given and I was supposed to express myself.. on this -

And this was my entry...

Day after day I've lost the game,
Have failed to prove my worth, my name.
A new day brings too many responsibilities,
Challenges and opportunity to test my abilities.
I take them sportingly for i look to win,
Everyday I believe, for my luck will shine.
But as the day progresses, I keep loosing the faith,
Where desire become burdens and love turns to hate.
The evening that follows looks dark and so pale,
And I start to recall all the days I fail.
And then amongst all the dense forests of despair,
I find a new flower searching for air.
Its then I tie up and charge up and dare,
For tomorrow will be mine, that will end this nightmare.
The thought of a win again pings my mind,
I begin to feel better, wiser, the only one of my kind.
Although not forever, but for seconds will I rise,
The world will be mine, my reward my prize!!!

“Things haven’t been the same dear!!”

“But Dad, I just want to prove myself.”

“Oh dear, please don’t misunderstand, but you are not same as the other kids of your age!”
“But Dad…..”
“Dad… At least you should have listened to my heart, please come back, please talk to me. All I want is to play for my school. Have you seen me playing soccer? Have you seen how accurate my shot is? Why? Why do you always feel that I’m helpless?? Dad, I know you are not here now to listen to me but one day, one day when you’ll read my diary, I know that you will be proud of your Roy….”

“Roy, son you feel that I’m being too cautious for you, you think I don’t listen to you? No son, I always keep my ears at your voice. I care for you. I feel really bad when I say that you can’t do, but it’s a fact my boy. Some limitations can never be overcome. Some goals are never for achieving. You know, that’s what differentiates us from the lord of the heavens!!”

“You always think that I’m capable of nothing Dad. You think that just because I’m not like an ordinary kid, I’m useless. But Dad, why do you forget? I’m not just ordinary!! I’m extra ordinary. And that’s what I want to show to Mark and Nic. I want to show to the mentors that even If I’m lacking in basic requirements, I have something which those kids don’t have. Dad please !! please allow me for soccer !! Just once!! I beg you.”

“Oh God!! How can I tell him, he’ll die if he plays soccer. So did happen with John. It’s just that I don’t want to lose you. Please how can let you die? You’re a gifted child whose eyes were so pretty, that even God did not allow them to come down to this world. Boy how will you play soccer without eyes? How should I stop you from the death I see, the one John had, just because I left him alone for few minutes, even when he was unable to see anything? I lost him, I don’t want to loose you“

“Dad, I know, I know you are protecting me coz of my blindness.. But I really feel that instead of living a dead life, I really would feel great if I can enjoy few moments of color. I want people cheering my name. I want to hear that I’m the boss on soccer field. Even when I know that its an impossible task, I just want once to rise myself from the oceans of black, like the statue of liberty, the paintings about which you always described me.”

Although not forever, but for seconds will I rise,
The world will be mine, my reward my prize!!!

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