Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy moments of life....

What is passion all about?

The great philosophers have wasted racks of pages deciding what a real passion for human is. For me, passion is something that does not force us to think, but rather passion is outcome of what our heart feels... passion is something that can be related to heart and not which is thought and pre-designed by brains. It’s a spontaneous thing...

So, whenever I’m being asked for things I do apart from my work, I get confused on what I should say. Sometimes, when I'm listening to Kishore Kumar, the world for me gets confined to what the maestro sings. i then simply think -"This is the thing. Yes I should have all the records of this genius." Then, for next few days, i start haunting the music stores, internet sites, friends collections, music libraries, and when nothing seems to work, even try downloading stuffs from mobile. During these days, Kishore Kumar sings for my ringtone, he represents my facebook and orkut profiles. But this happens only till I discover yet another burning topic for passion.

This goes like- I'm chatting with a girl, who probably feels I'm a greatest art reviewer, so suddenly, out of nowhere, she presents me few of her paintings. Now these don't come single handed... you need to bear an hour of description, the history of how she started that painting, and thought associated, finally waiting for your response. Being a humanitarian (as in vegetarian), as most of the women are, she indirectly warns of expecting positive comments and then you realize- "Hey even I can do this why not give a try." This marks beginning of a yet another so called passion, and I start announcing the world of my new passion - "SKETCHING AND PAINTING!!"

So on begins my passion parade. On the way I meet many of my entertainers like poetry, photography, blogging, book-review, movies and what not. I’ve even tried my hand at book-binding as a lazy art. Yet I feel that even if I haven’t adopted any of these hobbies as on my own, I enjoy every moment when I do it. Sometimes, even during work, I just plug Kishore Kumar or A.R. Rahman and the n I get solutions. I feel that’s all passion is for – to entertain in lazy moments of life making sure we live actively. Isn’t that true?

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