Sunday, March 8, 2009


Date : 07-03-2009
In the game of life of mine,
I've begun a role divine,
Role of being true to self,
Role to fight, to win and shine.
Its not been long,
of when I remember,
my life was a song,
of havoc and troubles.
For every person, I had a mask,
different and unique, for every task.
I greeted every foe and mate,
with a smile so false, artified and fake.

But now its decided, all of it has done,
for I've found the way to smile,
every reason of my worries,
my ego that had been fragile.
I hope my friends are yet my friends,
and not the replica of my past show-life.
Coz here I'm shifting from my negative role,
to my real being, better and wise.

- Abhijeet Kulkarni ( Better and Wise )

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