Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sketching.. a thought worth to write.. then to sketch

लोग कहते है के आज कल कंप्यूटर के जमाने में हम अपनी अन्दर छुपी हुई उस भावों को समझना भूल गए है....
इन्ही भावनाओं को समझने के इस प्रयास के दौरान कुछ चित्र मेरे नज़रों के सामने आए, जिनको देखकर मुझे ऐसा लगा। की मुझे इन्हे दोहराना है। ऐसे ही कुछ चित्र फ़िर मैंने sketch के स्वरुप में बनाए।

The sole thought that comes to mind when idle is.. what has to be done in this free moments that i get in this busy (really?? this word confuses me.. busy .. how can one be so busy that he can't feel anything around.. even anything goin inside his minds?? anyways thats something to think for the greatest philosophers... )
While thinking for this pass time things, I came across sketching. Actually one fine morning, I was chatting with one of my friends, whose a gem with paintings. while chatting with her, suddenly a thought struck my mind.. hey why don't you give your hands a shake on paper?? is drawing so difficult or unachievable task?? so I just got one of the print paper lying aside for almost past 10 days .. "wow.. what a luck for this paper !! no ink on it .. but a flow of colors will be flowing on it".. other papers were jealous of this lucky chap. So.. I had to start with something.. so started with a doctor's cartoon i had seen in a magazine a while ago. ha.ha..ha.. after a hec of scribbing the black wood for 4 hrs.. all i could manage was a papaya-like face.. but then, I gave another hour to finally convert the black-white pumpkin face.. to a decent Doc.... Wooooooo.. I really was amazed at the result.. yes.. i can sketch.. i said to myself.. an so began my sketching process.. thanks to my friend.. who just talked @ her paintings, to make me think of the art... now.. which I can satisfactorily say.. yes i can atleast control the pencil in my hand to the areas i want it to move on....


  1. superb buddy...great to c someone blogging.... kp it on its a nice habit...n virtually helps u display ur emotions...wel d sketches are great...i remember 1 making for meenu for n it turned out to be worse than horrible!!!

  2. sahi lihila ahes n sketches are too good .. you inspired me also to write another one ...

  3. Thanks.. for encouragement !! well definately.. will try to get better with further posts...

  4. Nice piece of art, Abhijeet!

    Its so very important not to get lost in this good-for-no-one world!

  5. Too good sketches and an awesome post of how u started...!
    Keep up the good work..!!

  6. Thanks Rushal sir !!
    Sushant - Thanks for tracking my blog...