Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emma Watson

Emma Watson sketch.. this has been one of the toughest sketch.. i tried..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

बक बक Continues...

बक बक Continues...

Tula athavaycha mhantla ki, Adhi swataha visarava lagata ,
Manala tujhyashi jhijavun , Thoda manasathi urawa lagata….
Mi keleli premachi vyakkha , Purepur nirarthak hoti ,
Me jitha komejlo titha , Tu umalnar hoti…
Naav maajha nasla tari athvan majhi raahnaar hoti
najretun tujhya, duniya malaach disnar hoti

jichyaasathi lihitoy, tich mala saapdat naahi..
hitaguj bolun mokle vhaave, ase manach malaa saapadat naahi
shabdaana mag ashaaveli kaavyaacha futato zaraa,
tilaach athavat jiv hou lagto baraa..

Ashya ya veli kay karaave te umajatach naahi
Athavaninchya raajyaatun man duur lotatach naahi
kshanaa-kshanaala vaadhat jaate manaachi tharaarata

chatting karta karta, ti haluch kaahi bolun geli,
tila kaahi vaatle naahi, pan malaa ved laavun geli
olakh tashi navti aamchi, bhetli google search madhe
lagech jamli gatti aamchi first chatting session madhe
smileey chi devaan ghevaan mag rojach hou laagli ashi
bhai dil bolne lagaa saala potti ti samorchi asnaar kashi

Abhya n Co. Public Ltd ...

A Post to Mr. Amir Khan... My views on Three Idiots.

Hey Amir, 3 Idiots will certainly be blockbuster.. not because just u / kareena / Vidu vinod chopra banner etc.. I think the movie itself has been quite about an example of a perfect entertainer.. a masterpiece of a true showman !! For me the best part of the movie was the performance by you all... You, Boman, Maddy, Sharman.. all of them were always the virus, rancho, farhan n raju.. for all time.. without letting out ur stardom peep into the muvi.. well Some minor things.. which i felt were probably.. 'Chand ka daag' for 3 Idiots..
1. Prof. Viru's character reminded of Dr. Asthaana of munnabhai.. in almost all the moments where boan had a serious act.
2. Kareena I thought was confused.. whether to be a glam doll or a delhi ki kudi.. in the end.. was just good enough as filler.. sorry for that .. but I think she's much better actress.. I mean the Omkara n Jab We Met girl really have been totally lost in 3 Idiots
3. The pre-climax scene where a baby is given birth in hostel premises.. that was a bit too stretched n for a moment I felt like i was loosing the interest from movie for a while ..

But then, if that was the minus.. there where too many.. I mean too many pluses in the flick.. needless to say the perfect trio of Rancho, Raju n Farhan was thee best part .. not to forget the characterization of Chatur / Lobo n not to forget 'millimeter'.
From the director's point of view, I thought some ideas really made the movie look crispy..
The blackn white life of Raju Rastogi.. The Still life bewhind Rancho n Piya... in the song "zobie zobie".. The demo scenes.. Not to forget the hospital scenes where Rancho speaks to raju.. who views everything as a slow motion.. best part .. imagining his dadon scooty in half pants... awsome man.. this movie is certainly 1 step ahead of the magic created by munnabhai.. Thanks V.V.Chopra for this !!
To su up... if Chetan Bhagat's 5 Point Someone was what one can imagine n write.. 3 Idiots bataata hai.. ke 'Jaisa filmo me hota hai.. ho raha hai hoo ba hoo"

Thanks Amir n gang for making my Birthday n Xmas Special.. Yes I was one of those lucky to chat wid u on my b'day.. 20 Dec..( the best start to my b'days so far0 n then watch the movie.. first movie that i've watched on first day.. without waiting fr any reviews..

Waiting for your response on my views... from 1 Idiot to 3 others..
Abhijeet Kulkarni

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictosition at Capgemini... Bagged 2nd prize

This was the picture given and I was supposed to express myself.. on this -

And this was my entry...

Day after day I've lost the game,
Have failed to prove my worth, my name.
A new day brings too many responsibilities,
Challenges and opportunity to test my abilities.
I take them sportingly for i look to win,
Everyday I believe, for my luck will shine.
But as the day progresses, I keep loosing the faith,
Where desire become burdens and love turns to hate.
The evening that follows looks dark and so pale,
And I start to recall all the days I fail.
And then amongst all the dense forests of despair,
I find a new flower searching for air.
Its then I tie up and charge up and dare,
For tomorrow will be mine, that will end this nightmare.
The thought of a win again pings my mind,
I begin to feel better, wiser, the only one of my kind.
Although not forever, but for seconds will I rise,
The world will be mine, my reward my prize!!!

“Things haven’t been the same dear!!”

“But Dad, I just want to prove myself.”

“Oh dear, please don’t misunderstand, but you are not same as the other kids of your age!”
“But Dad…..”
“Dad… At least you should have listened to my heart, please come back, please talk to me. All I want is to play for my school. Have you seen me playing soccer? Have you seen how accurate my shot is? Why? Why do you always feel that I’m helpless?? Dad, I know you are not here now to listen to me but one day, one day when you’ll read my diary, I know that you will be proud of your Roy….”

“Roy, son you feel that I’m being too cautious for you, you think I don’t listen to you? No son, I always keep my ears at your voice. I care for you. I feel really bad when I say that you can’t do, but it’s a fact my boy. Some limitations can never be overcome. Some goals are never for achieving. You know, that’s what differentiates us from the lord of the heavens!!”

“You always think that I’m capable of nothing Dad. You think that just because I’m not like an ordinary kid, I’m useless. But Dad, why do you forget? I’m not just ordinary!! I’m extra ordinary. And that’s what I want to show to Mark and Nic. I want to show to the mentors that even If I’m lacking in basic requirements, I have something which those kids don’t have. Dad please !! please allow me for soccer !! Just once!! I beg you.”

“Oh God!! How can I tell him, he’ll die if he plays soccer. So did happen with John. It’s just that I don’t want to lose you. Please how can let you die? You’re a gifted child whose eyes were so pretty, that even God did not allow them to come down to this world. Boy how will you play soccer without eyes? How should I stop you from the death I see, the one John had, just because I left him alone for few minutes, even when he was unable to see anything? I lost him, I don’t want to loose you“

“Dad, I know, I know you are protecting me coz of my blindness.. But I really feel that instead of living a dead life, I really would feel great if I can enjoy few moments of color. I want people cheering my name. I want to hear that I’m the boss on soccer field. Even when I know that its an impossible task, I just want once to rise myself from the oceans of black, like the statue of liberty, the paintings about which you always described me.”

Although not forever, but for seconds will I rise,
The world will be mine, my reward my prize!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy moments of life....

What is passion all about?

The great philosophers have wasted racks of pages deciding what a real passion for human is. For me, passion is something that does not force us to think, but rather passion is outcome of what our heart feels... passion is something that can be related to heart and not which is thought and pre-designed by brains. It’s a spontaneous thing...

So, whenever I’m being asked for things I do apart from my work, I get confused on what I should say. Sometimes, when I'm listening to Kishore Kumar, the world for me gets confined to what the maestro sings. i then simply think -"This is the thing. Yes I should have all the records of this genius." Then, for next few days, i start haunting the music stores, internet sites, friends collections, music libraries, and when nothing seems to work, even try downloading stuffs from mobile. During these days, Kishore Kumar sings for my ringtone, he represents my facebook and orkut profiles. But this happens only till I discover yet another burning topic for passion.

This goes like- I'm chatting with a girl, who probably feels I'm a greatest art reviewer, so suddenly, out of nowhere, she presents me few of her paintings. Now these don't come single handed... you need to bear an hour of description, the history of how she started that painting, and thought associated, finally waiting for your response. Being a humanitarian (as in vegetarian), as most of the women are, she indirectly warns of expecting positive comments and then you realize- "Hey even I can do this why not give a try." This marks beginning of a yet another so called passion, and I start announcing the world of my new passion - "SKETCHING AND PAINTING!!"

So on begins my passion parade. On the way I meet many of my entertainers like poetry, photography, blogging, book-review, movies and what not. I’ve even tried my hand at book-binding as a lazy art. Yet I feel that even if I haven’t adopted any of these hobbies as on my own, I enjoy every moment when I do it. Sometimes, even during work, I just plug Kishore Kumar or A.R. Rahman and the n I get solutions. I feel that’s all passion is for – to entertain in lazy moments of life making sure we live actively. Isn’t that true?

Monday, July 13, 2009

एका लग्नाची गोष्ट

१२ जून. पुलं जाऊन नऊ वर्षे झाली. त्यानिमित्ताने महाराष्ट्राचं लाडकं व्यक्तिमत्व असलेल्या पुलंच्या आणि सुनीताबाईंच्या लग्नाची ही न्यारी गोष्ट...

एका लग्नाची गोष्ट आहे ही... यात वर आहेत महाराष्ट्राचं लाडकं व्यक्तिमत्व पु. ल. देशपांडे आणि वधू आहेत सुनीताबाई... मोठ्या थाटामाटात, धूमधडाक्यात त्यांचं लग्न झालं, असं तुम्हाला वाटत असेल तर थांबा जरा... आदर्श कपल असलेल्या पुलं आणि सुनीताबाईंच्या लग्नाची गोष्टच जरा न्यारी आहे...

पुलंची आणि सुनीताबाईंची पहिली भेट झाली ती मुंबईत. ६५-७० वर्षांपूर्वीचा हा काळ. तेव्हा दादर-माटुंगा भागत जुवळे नावाच्या एका गृहस्थांनी ओरिएंट हायकूल नावाची शाळा सुरु केली होती. त्या शाळेत भाई म्हणजे पुलं आणि सुनीताबाई हे दोघेही शिक्षक म्हणून कामाला लागले. तिथेच त्यांची पहिली ओळख झाली. पुलं वरच्या इयत्तेतील मुलांना शिकवायचे, तर सुनीताबाई खालच्या इयत्तेतील. शिवसेनाप्रमुख बाळासाहेब ठाकरे हे तेव्हा पुलंच्या वर्गात शिकायला होते. तर त्यांचे बंधू आणि राज ठाकरेंचे वडिल श्रीकांत ठाकरे यांना सुनीताबाई शिकवायला होत्या. शाळेत काम करत असतानाच दोघांची ओळख वाढली आणि ते एकमेकांच्या प्रेमात पडले. पुलंनीच सुनीताबाईंना मागणी घातली आणि लग्न करण्यासाठी आग्रह धरला.

सुनीताबाईंना पुलं आवडत होते, पण लग्नासारख्या बंधनात अडकायला त्या सुरुवातील तयार नव्हत्या. त्यात दुसरी अडचण होती ती म्हणजे पुलंचं आधी एक लग्न झालेलं होतं. कर्जतच्या दिवाडकरांच्या घरातील मुलीशी पुलंचा विवाह झाला. परंतु दुर्दैवाने लग्नानंतर काही दिवसांतच तापाचं निमित्त झालं आणि ती मुलगी देवाघरी गेली. त्यामुळे अशा बीजवराशी लग्न लावायला सुनीताबाईंच्या घरचे राजी नव्हते. सुनीताबाईंच्या आईने तर लेकीसाठी चांगली स्थळं पाहून ठेवली होती. त्यात सुनीताबाई मूळच्या ठाकूर आणि पुलं ठरले देशपांडे. परजातीतला म्हणून ठाकूर मंडळी नाके मुरडत होती.

शेवटी एकदाची ठाकूर मंडळी राजी झाली. शाळेला उन्हाळ्याची सुट्टी पडली. तेव्हा पुलं रत्नागिरीला सुनीताबाईंच्या गावी गेले. पुलंनी आपल्या वतीने बोलणी करण्यासाठी भाऊ उमाकांत आणि जुवळे सरांचा खास नोकर बाळू तेंडुलकर अशा दोघांनाही सोबत नेले. सुनीताबाईंनी पुलंची आई-वडिलांशी ओळख करुन दिली. त्यांनी दोघांना वाकून नमस्कार केला. त्यानंतर अवघ्या काही मिनिटातचं पुलंनी आपल्या नर्मविनोदी बोलण्याने सर्वांना जिंकून घेतलं. सुनीताबाईंच्या आईलाही जावयाच्या मस्क-या स्वभावाचे कौतुक वाटू लागले. आता बोला...

अगदी त्याच बैठकीत रजिस्टर लग्न करायचं ठरलं. त्याकाळी रजिस्टर लग्नासाठीचा छापील फॉर्म आठ आण्याला मिळायचा. इतर कुणावर भुर्दंड नको म्हणून सुनीताबाईंनी तो आधीच आणून ठेवला होता. त्यांचे वडिल हे रत्नागिरीतले नामवंत वकील होते. दुस-या दिवशी कोर्टातून घरी परतताना त्यांनी आपल्या दुस-या वकिल मित्रांना मुलीच्या विवाहाबाबत सांगितले. मुलीचं लग्न रजिस्टर करायचं आहे, साक्षीदार म्हणून सह्या करायला तुम्ही केव्हा येऊ शकाल ? अशी विचारणा त्यांनी केली. तेव्हा वकिल मित्र तातडीने तयार झाले. फॉर्म वगैरे तयार असेल तर आताच निघूया, असे ते म्हणाले आणि ही वरात घराकडे निघाली.

जिल्हा न्यायालयासमोरच सुनीताबाईंचे घर होते. वडिल घरी आले की, दुपारचा चहा होत असे. वाड्याच्या फाटकाची खिटी वाजली की, वडिल आले हे कळायचे. त्यादिवशीही खिटी वाजल्यानंतर आईने चहाला आधण ठेवले. त्यांच्यासोबत आणखी तीन-चारजण आल्याचे सुनीताबाईंनी आईला सांगितले. आईने आधणात चार-पाच कप पाणी वाढवले. साक्षीदार मंडळी जमली होती. पुढच्या काही मिनिटातच पुलं आणि सुनीताबाईंचे लग्न लागणार होते. घरातील कुणाला याची साधी पूर्वकल्पनाही नव्हती. सुनीताबाई साधी, खादीची सूती साडी नेसल्या होत्या आणि नवरदेव तर चक्क घरी धुतलेल्या साध्या पायजम्यावर. बिनबाह्यांची बनियन घालून चहाची वाट बघत, सर्वांशी गप्पा मारत, सर्वांना हसवत बसले होते.

वडिलांनी आपल्या जावयाची सर्वांना ओळख करुन दिली. सगळ्यांच्या समक्ष पुलं आणि सुनीताबाईंनी फॉर्मवर सह्या केल्या आणि लग्नाचा सोहळा संपला. दरदिवशीच्या दुपारच्या चहाबरोबरच अगदी साधेपणाने पुलंचे लग्न झाले. केवळ छापील फॉर्मवर सह्या करुन ‘ कु. सुनीता ठाकूर ’ या ‘ सौ. सुनीता देशपांडे ’ बनल्या !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

बक बक Continues...

I dont have the thoughts to share.
just bits of words which i stare..
for all i do is care.
The words which are always spared
in the world that aint fair
I have words lost in despair
The words that make music and lyrics
Made of my deepest emotions
Irrepsective of lovers and critics
The poetry of my problems and solutions
I just have the words and not swords
To convey to humans and also the lords

- Abhijeet n Co. Public LTD..

Saturday, July 11, 2009


गम नही आज किसी बात का,
न दर्द है किसी वारदात का ।
एक ज़माना हुआ करता था,
जब हर कोई अपना लगता था ।
आज भी कई आस-पास है,
मगर वो अपने कम, पराये ज्यादा लगते है ।
एक एहसास हमेशा रहता है,
कोई तो साथ होत है ।
मगर जब भी मैं आँखें खोल देता हूँ,
ख़ुद को गहरे अंधेरों में पाटा हूँ ।
आज भी यह कशिश मेरा मन टटोल रही है,
लगता है आज भी कोई मुझे ढूँढ रहा है ।
नही !!! वह कोई और नही,
मेरी तन्हाई ही मुझे याद कर रही है ।
जानता हूँ के आज मैं बहुत निराश हूँ,
मगर करू तो क्या करू?
न कल किसीने मुझे संवारा था,
न कल कोई सवारेगा ।
यही सोच-सोचकर मैं लिख रहा हूँ,
अपनी ही दुनिया में मैं ख़ुद को ढूँढ रहा हूँ !!!!

- अभिजीत

Saturday, May 30, 2009



I always think of you,
I always want to think of you…
In the run of life I bother for you,
Coz life of mine is just for you…

The dream of mine is only you,
Few are the things I know of you…
Yet do I strive for cheering you,
Coz life of mine is just for you…

You are the smile, good will are you,
All I win is because of you…
The song I sing is all of you,
Coz life of mine is just for you…

The joy and hope given by you,
The will to win hearts I learnt from you…
I do believe I owe a lot to you,
Coz life of mine is just for you…

In all I just want to tell you,
That all I believe is just in you…
Just be all life as now are you,
Coz life of mine is just at you…
And life of mine will end at you…

- Abhijeet Kulkarni

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recession स्वर्गातले

Recession चा फटका जेव्हा स्वर्गातही बसला,
इन्द्रासोबत तेव्हा सारा देव-दरबार हादरला....
देव-लोकांच्या ओफिसातले A.C. झाले बंद,
वायुदेवाला म्हणले सारे, तूच कर आता आम्हास थंड....
वायुदेव यावर हसला एक वार
म्हणाला माझ्या कंपनीच्या लोकांनी केला आहे बंड...
जी वायुदेवाची तीच सुर्याची गत झाली,
Load shedding साठी त्याची overtime सुरु झाली....
Night Shift सुर्याची देवांच्या अंगाशी आली,
झोपेतही Recession त्यांच्या नशिबी आली.....
मंदीपाई देवांनी वाहने पण विकली,
चालून चालून zero figure गणपतिची झाली....
गरुड़ विकून विष्णुदेखिल पायी कामास जाऊ लागला,
अन् शेषनाग परवडेना म्हणुन खाटेवरच घोरु लागला......
इन्द्र-दरबारच्या अप्सरांचा सुरु झाला lay out....
अन् स्वर्गाच्या दारावर No vacancy चा दिसू लागला Cut out.
मेलेला माणूस यम परत धरतीवर सोडू लागला,
यमलोकिचा धंदा सोडून पृथ्वीवरच Job शोधू लागला।
ब्रम्हदेव मात्र अजुनही खंबीर राहिले होते,
कारण माणसाकडून जाता-जाता एक गोष्ट ते शिकले होते....
असल्या टिनपाट संकटाना तो हसत सामोरा जातो,
देवाकडे बघण्याआधी स्वतःच्या क्षमतेवर विश्वास ठेउन असतो .....
देवाकडे बघण्याआधी स्वतःच्या क्षमतेवर विश्वास ठेउन असतो .....

--> अभिजीत कुळकर्णी

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Date : 07-03-2009
In the game of life of mine,
I've begun a role divine,
Role of being true to self,
Role to fight, to win and shine.
Its not been long,
of when I remember,
my life was a song,
of havoc and troubles.
For every person, I had a mask,
different and unique, for every task.
I greeted every foe and mate,
with a smile so false, artified and fake.

But now its decided, all of it has done,
for I've found the way to smile,
every reason of my worries,
my ego that had been fragile.
I hope my friends are yet my friends,
and not the replica of my past show-life.
Coz here I'm shifting from my negative role,
to my real being, better and wise.

- Abhijeet Kulkarni ( Better and Wise )

Thursday, February 26, 2009


date : 25-09-2005
Baaki Pune badallay matra.. Ekekaali pensionaraanchi daativaati aslele Pune ata tarunyaane fulat challay. Pan tari junya kalchya khuna ajun baaki aahet. Yaacha pratyay malaa alikadech aala... Kaahi nimittane majha Punyaachya Sadashiv Pethet jaana jhaala. Vel sakaalchi. vichar kela.. chalaa.. kaahi tari nashta karun gheu.. baaki aplyaala kay, hotel disla ki bhuk lagte. Samor "Mamasaaheb Joshi Upahaargruha' disla.. mhatla "chalaa, nidaan sastyaat hoil nashta." Jhaala ! amchi swaari aat nighaali.
Aat shirat nahi toch aaplya Puneri baanyaala japat biskitaanchya asankhya barnyaamagun doka baaher kaadhat penshanar kakaani hataklech.
"Kay paahije?"
Sakshaat Puneri bolibhaasha aani kokani sanskaarala smarun boltaana kelela naakaacha purepur vaapar.. yaamule mala ekdum gudmaralyaasarkha jhaala. Ankhi ek kshan dekhil tithe na thambta jaavese vatle.. pan amche potoba sokavle hote... Kiti ya punekaraana chaukasha !!! janu kaahi me tya 'upahaargruhaat' tyanchi table ani khurchya chorun nyayla ghuslo hoto. Bara, tyaatun ya lokancha samaj asa ki yenaarya girhaaikaala jar bilaasobat ekhaadi assal susanskrut marathmoli shivi dili naai, tar to bill bharnaar naahi !! Mhanunach punyaat baaher jaatana counter var paise deun swatahaacha encounter karun ghyaychi (gair) soy keli asaavi.
"He upahaargruha.. ", me kaahi bolaycha prayatna kela, pan to keval prayatnaach raahila. samorchyaala tiku mhanun kase dyayche naahi, yaache janu to therda (ho... ghabarto ka tyaala?? ) praatyakshik dakhvat hota.
" ho... majhech aahe."
"asel kay?aahech !!"
"pan ... " me punha ek nishfal prayatna kela.
"mhanje? mhanaycha kay tumhaala? majha naahi tar kay tumchya tirtharupaancha aahe kay?"
"Thik aahe Ajoba... tumchech ahe."
Ajoba mhantaach to jaraasa bawarla. Aaju baajula koni naahi na, yaachi khatri karun gheun mag punha daafarla-
"Tumhaala kay adchan?"
"he bagha, mala tumhi jara bolu dyaal kay?"
"Baher paati naahi vaachli ka? Vikretyaana aat pravesh naahi !!!"
Ata ya babaji na kon samjaavun sangnaar, ki puneri patya ya punekaraanpramaanech fakta 'Manoranjanaa' saathi asun tyaavar konyabhalya isamaane jaraasudha doke ghasayche
"Aho pan me ithe nashta karaila aaloy ." me eka damaat bolun mokla jhaalo.
"mag saral vakyaat sangta yet naahi ka? shinche ugaach sakaali sakaali amchi doki ani vel khayla.. fukte mele... !!
kasaabasaa me tya chaukas yantraachya tavditun sutlo. asha lokaana sarkar border var ka pathvat naahi? yanchya chaukashaana shatrusainya palun tari jail naahitar nidaan eka golit yaana gappa tari kartil !!
Aat baakavar yeun basto na bastoch toch tya taprivajaa hotel madhla to hap-chaddidhaari porya baajiraavachya thaatat aala aani akhkhe table panyaane dhuvun kadhle... majhya pantsakat !!! bara... tyala bolayla gelo tar ulat toch mala bolto kasaa-
"wo sayeb, disat nay ka? table dhutoya te? chala vha sidela, parat pyaantivar pani sandla ki amalach ghaalal tumi kacha-kacha shivya !! aayla evdi jantalmal loka, par akkal kharkatyaa evadi pan naay !!"
Evdha tyachyakadun satkar sweekarat astaana majha laksha apla rahun rahun samorchya pati kade jaat hote - "Girhaik ha dev aahe. Tyacha adar karne hech amche dhyey. " Mala kaahitari chuklyasarkha vatla. He mhanje diwali ankaavaril chitrapramaane. Varti ekhaade bipasha, mallika, katrina kiva gela bazaar aishwarya cha chitra pahun sattar rupaye kharchun to anka ghyaava.. aai aatmadhe bhetaave - anna hazaare ani baba amte !!
Itkyat order ghyayla ek jan aala.
"ek misal dev." me hindit orderlo (oradlo navhe.. amchi kay himmat tya ravbahaaduraala ordaychi !!!) .
"sadhi ki peshal?"
"farak kay?" ata me pan punerit jugalbandi suru keli .
"jyaast chaukashi nako. ghyayche tar ghya, chepa , naytar tasech futa. baher waiting aahe."
Wa !! mhanje me ektach navto tithe khayla (shivya) aalela..
"mereko special misal dev,ekach ha, !!"
me agdi botaane ek dakhvun.. janu tyaala ek mhanje kay te maahitach nahi.. asa sangu laglo. baaki jarab dakhvayla Hindichi madat hote, pan amchi hindi mhanje 2 rupayaachya khaarya shengdaanyaasarkhi !! ektar mojkech 10-12 daane, tyaatpan ekhaadach neat bhajlela. baaki sagle mhanje nivval chingamsarkhe, tarihi mith chopadlyamule gilnyaalayak. Thodkyat kay, amchi hindi mhanje bhikaryachya angavarchi chindi. avashyak titkich.
Majhi order (???) gheun to kalkatta waiter (ka threator mhanu yaala) gela.
kaahi kaam navta (ata hotelat kay kaam asnar? dombal? ) mhanun me apla ugaach ikade bagh-tikde bagh, kuni olakhicha, ani mukhya mhanje anolkhi mukhde, shodhat baslo. pan najrevar patyaach yeun dhadkat hotya-
"Aaj rokh, udya udhaar ."
"ek baar aaoge, baar baar khaaoge", 'shivya ka?', me manaatlya manaat mhanaalo. amhaalahi 'Manki aawaz' aiku yeta bara ka !!
"girhaikaani chamcha agar plate fakta khanyasathi vapraave (??mhanje nakki kay karu naye ??)
pishvit ghalun ghari gheun jau naye ". nasheeb, dhuvun theva mhanaale naahit !!
"amchya nokraana roj pagaar dila jaato. tasmaat tip sarkhe prakaar deun jaada pav agar sampel milavnyaacha prayatna karu naye !"
"tumhaala vel asla, ani tyaachi kimmat tumhaala nasel, tari amhaala ahe. tari krupaya patya vachnyaat vel kharchu naye hi namra (??) vinanti" ... 'Ka? tumchya baapache kay jaate?'- arthatach.. mere manki aawaz...
Dannnnnnnnn......... !! samor misaliche jordaar agaman jhaale !! Misalicha danka kay varnaava maharaajaa.. barichshi misal platemadhe na rahta pav anilimbu madhe misalu lagli, thodi tablevar kosalu lagli, ani he kamich mhanun ki kay , kanda va farsaan majhya shirtshi premal salgi karu lagle. ataparyantachya aalelya anubhavaamule, ki savay jhaalyamule , ata mala raag yet navta. nidaan thodi tar misal tya sadgruhastaane malaa khanyaasathi platemadhe shillak thevli hoti.
Bhuk lagleli, tyaamule ekhaade kutre jitkya ghaaine toast / haduk gilat nasel, itkya vegat te misalnaamak khadya cum peya (jyaada) sampavle.. Punha to maghaacha porya aplya.. mhanje tyachya .. 2 haatachya 10 botaat jevdhe glass ekdum dharta yetil, tevdhe gheun aala. Punha amchya table var puur aala. bahuda ya poraala lokaanchya pant olya karaychi khodach aahe watta... ata ashi oli pant gheun baaher kuthe dhindavde kaadha.. asa vichar karun me tithech jaraa.. basun rahilo. Itkyat to counter varcha prashnaasur, kasavchaap Joshya malaa fatkaarayla aalaach..
"jhaale ka gilun ?"
"hi.. bari hoti misal."
"ho na? mag taaka 12 rupaye ani suta.hi kaahi dharmashaala navhe, nivant basayla. ajun baakichyaana pan khaychay."
viatagun me uthalo aani tyaanach chakka...ulta tyaanaach oradlo-
" Me kaahi fukat khayla aalo naahiye. he ghya tumche 12 rupaye." Me counter var paise javal-javal feklech .
"aho evadhe chidtay kay mhanun ? amhi fukte graahak olakhun asto. tumhi ka ughach traas karun gheta? ghya.."
majha noor baghun tya mhataryaane badishepechi vaati majhya samor dharli. chotya shape madhil ti badishep detaanadekhil tyaacha chehra-" ata kay sagli 12 rupayaanchi badishep khaato ki kay?" asach vichaarat hota. me kshanbhardekhil na thambta tethun sataklo.
Tumhi kadhi sadashiv pethet gelat, ani tumhaala bhuk laglich.. (ti nehmich lagte.. tyat naval te kay?) tar ya hotelaat jaaun baghaach.. ! majaa yete ki naahi..
Sadhyaa tari me majhya jeevlag (jeevgheene adhik yogya) mitraana tithla patta deun khayla dhadtoy.. misal ki shivya.. ha tasa gaun mudda aahe.apla naav sangta ka please.. tumhaala pan tithla patta deto.. naav sangtay na.. please ....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Self - Protrait.. a dream of every Artist who loves Pencils and colors...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sketching.. a thought worth to write.. then to sketch

लोग कहते है के आज कल कंप्यूटर के जमाने में हम अपनी अन्दर छुपी हुई उस भावों को समझना भूल गए है....
इन्ही भावनाओं को समझने के इस प्रयास के दौरान कुछ चित्र मेरे नज़रों के सामने आए, जिनको देखकर मुझे ऐसा लगा। की मुझे इन्हे दोहराना है। ऐसे ही कुछ चित्र फ़िर मैंने sketch के स्वरुप में बनाए।

The sole thought that comes to mind when idle is.. what has to be done in this free moments that i get in this busy (really?? this word confuses me.. busy .. how can one be so busy that he can't feel anything around.. even anything goin inside his minds?? anyways thats something to think for the greatest philosophers... )
While thinking for this pass time things, I came across sketching. Actually one fine morning, I was chatting with one of my friends, whose a gem with paintings. while chatting with her, suddenly a thought struck my mind.. hey why don't you give your hands a shake on paper?? is drawing so difficult or unachievable task?? so I just got one of the print paper lying aside for almost past 10 days .. "wow.. what a luck for this paper !! no ink on it .. but a flow of colors will be flowing on it".. other papers were jealous of this lucky chap. So.. I had to start with something.. so started with a doctor's cartoon i had seen in a magazine a while ago. ha.ha..ha.. after a hec of scribbing the black wood for 4 hrs.. all i could manage was a papaya-like face.. but then, I gave another hour to finally convert the black-white pumpkin face.. to a decent Doc.... Wooooooo.. I really was amazed at the result.. yes.. i can sketch.. i said to myself.. an so began my sketching process.. thanks to my friend.. who just talked @ her paintings, to make me think of the art... now.. which I can satisfactorily say.. yes i can atleast control the pencil in my hand to the areas i want it to move on....