Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Will i ever laugh again
Will i ever shine again
Will i ever rise again
Will i ever live again
Will i....

Will there be a sun again
Will there be that fun again
Will i believe god again
Will i make that love again

Will I....

Will you be my friend again
Will you be my trend again
Will you trust my words again
Will you complete me again

Will you...

Sunday, January 12, 2014


हैअब तक जो चुप्पी
उसे मजबूरी न समझना
ख़ामोशी के दरमियान छुपे जज़्बा को
यूँही कमजोरी न समझना...

चाहे तो एक कर सकता हूँै
धरती और फलक के रास्ते
ठहरा हूँ सिर्फ उस एक एहसास के खातिर
इसे यूँही नाकामयाबीन समझना....

....... अभिजीत - १२.०१.२०१४

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You poem

Thinking abt you
I feel so new
The words i want
For you to be new...

You show me new face
Everyday new place
New is your voice
In the same unchanged space

You are the saviour
Making hundreds to smile
Yet please do a favour
Save yours unique style

And i promise you
I will continue being around
As a friend of your own
Or a guest unknown..

What more should  i write
I am swinging off the track
Just as i swing along
My moods like a jack

Enough of good words
Its time for d bads
You please stop hurting
By the nos and d sads..

And stop owning people
Who do not deserve d deed
Else people will assume u
When you are in a need
I dunno what m writing
Whether right or not
I like and care for you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Ive seen all the time
People of different kind
Emotions all sublime
Yet souls true to their mind

A mind who searches
Beauty amongst the witches
A blind who preaches
Virtues that his eye watches

A body so much crooked
As if born to be wicked
And yet yeilding within
A heart that makes me delighted

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I search amongst the common
a face full of fun
which tells life a story
of a happiness uncommon.

She may be a star
or just another so far
surely she owns her world
a self crowned super star

she smiles coz she likes to
not bcoz someone asks her to do
evn her tears will hold a character
and will be as pretty as her laughter

she may be a princess, a darling of her dad.
a million dollar baby, intelligent n smart.
with me in life she'll feel more glad
if not queen of world, she'll rule my heart

such is my quest for a serene beauty
that will add to my air, innocence n purity :)

-- Abhijeet Kulkarni

Sunday, December 2, 2012


The night is growing
trying to reach the dawn
with stories in making
of the kings and pawns...

some stories with no end
others beginning with THE END
some hilarious as friend
some waiting to be mend...

Stories of heart
and stories of smart
the world waits for stories
that tear beliefs apart

amongst these big stories
lie a tale small untold
of tiny little dreams
which are yet to be unfold
which are soon to be unfold.....

- Abhijeet Shriram Kulkarni

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The day has come
when many reduce to some
whr the champs will be retarded
and even counted to one.

Its a day to cheer
coz i am so near
of answer to dat unsung fear
waitin for dust to get clear.

Its a day of noise
where my existence poise
and i decide the tide
who amongst all is a guy true wise.

Its day of honor
whr invincible is no corner
and people will forget the former,
only i will glow all over.

There will also be a night
which will bring down my flight
and show me my bed with old shady sight
for tomorrow will be day to see others might.......



The world is so fair
all full of air
do someone yet know
y d most awaited remain in dispair???

There r times when chances are high
for cheers n laughs the hearts do fly
and then there are sudden free falls over
can some help me know the answer for why

the pain of smiles so fake n no dear
the rain of words as foggy as clear
the masks of comfort are illusive mere
can some tear them off and show some dare


Monday, January 16, 2012


All through the journey, I kept on driving
my very own life complaining and crying...
never did I think of putting a break
and giving a horn of halting...

There were oceans and there were valleys,
where I did not stop nor asked for help,
for ego had captured and surrounded my galley,
until a point when I saw no more alley.

its then I am realizing the meaning of time,
the smell of flower and the taste of lime..
had I been able to fight myself, instead of world,
my life would have been a mine of gold.

this might be painful, pathetic and shameful,
and I know I have to make a scene less awful..
by having an 'e' for emotion and not for ego,
to make the path clear to go...

I may shatter and scatter off my past..
yet i will stop and give some time for time,

Coz time is what I have lost in time and
time is what I have to gain again.

...............................................................................................Abhijeet Kulkarni

Sunday, December 18, 2011

kuch alfaaaz...

जिंदगी बीत जाती है कभी 
औरों के नगमों को जीने में 
और अपने दिल के तराने 
खोये रहते है दूर तहखाने में....

ख्वाब तो रोज़ देखते है आँखों में 
आसमान के , चाँद सितारों के...
कभी दिन बीत जाता है रात के इंतज़ार में,
और रात के सन्नाटे सुला देते है अरमान दिन के...

लगता है आज की रात कुछ १०० साल जीनेवाली है..
सुबह होते होते करोडो पल जगानेवाली है..
जितना भी इतराओ.. चाहो जितना ठुकराओ..
सुबह आते हुए मेरी मंजिल लानेवाली है !! 

                                         - अभिजीत कुलकर्णी..